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At Red8 RF it is our aim to be your preferred technical partner for the supply, maintenance and optimisation of radio frequency (RF) dielectric heating equipment. Our dynamic, experienced team of multi-skilled engineers have extensive experience of working with a broad range of machines from leading manufacturers including Wiles Engineering, Fastran, Strayfield, RF Biocidics and many more.
We have extensive experience of applications in the Paper, Textiles and Food manufacturing industries along with many other bespoke applications for RF Dielectric Heating.

Red8RF is part of the BPX Group of companies, which has been trading for 50 years. This demonstrable track record of building productive trusting relationships gives our customers the confidence to know that Red8RF will be there when called upon, not just now, but long into the future.

The BPX Group also gives Red8RF the unique ability to offer state of the art machine and factory integration technologies which fall outside the expertise of traditional machine manufacturers.