New – Parts Price Promise

Parts Price Promise

At Red8RF we do not claim to be the cheapest in the industry but we do try hard to offer the best value spares available for our customers – delivering high quality parts at reasonable prices.

While we believe our goods are extremely competitively priced, if you think you have received a better offer, we would like the opportunity to match or even beat a written quote you have already received.

Whether you want to place an order for air filters, a conveyor belt or need to replace a pneumatic component at short notice, Red8RF promise to price match the new parts we supply.

Whether the original RF dryer manufacturer was your spare parts provider or not, Red8RF can replace component parts with leading European manufacturers’ new parts.

Whether you are a current, previous or first-time customer, Red8RF’s Parts Price Promise will work for you.

Please contact us with the details and we would be delighted to try to meet the challenge!


Red8RF will be competitive for any new part* we supply, which is why we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of components fo r the Dielectric Heating industry, including:

Washable air filters

Belts and bands for radio frequency dryers with conveyors

Ceramic capacitors

Door furniture


Feed through EMI filter capacitors

Flow switches

Heat exchangers and cooler units



Low melting point solder


Over Current Relays (OCR) (Telemecanique)

Panel Meters

Printed circuit boards – PCBs


Rectifier Diodes

Resistors and heater elements

Safety locks (including Castells)

Sealing Gaskets (Knitted Mesh)

Roof Panels


Oscillator Valves (Tubes)

Water fittings (Imperial/metric)


Red8RF price new parts competitively.  If you are quoted a lower amount for the same part, we will meet that price*.

To receive a quote, please send proof of the prices you have been quoted, i.e. formal quotation or pro forma on headed paper.  The offer does not apply to orders placed through third parties.


Red8RF consistently offer top quality parts that are extremely competitively priced.  Red8RF are committed to help you replace the part you need, with a high quality UK/European new part at the best value for money.

Special Requirements – PCBs, HMIs and PLCs

Red8RF can also provide replacements for printed circuit boards, HMIs and PLCs. These components and assemblies are not all covered by the price promise, but in many cases offer an improvement in reliability and functionality.

We are part of the BPX Group, a leading specialist in industrial automation and control products, which holds large stocks of parts from manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Schneider.  BPX also provides access to much expertise on both current and older parts.