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Are you compliant with the new EU EMF Legislation?

A new European Directive 2013/35/EU has been ratified by the UK Government and will become a UK law in July 2016.

The Directive sets out the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risk arising from the exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

All employers have a duty to assess the risks arising from the work they undertake and to put in place protective or preventive measures to reduce the risks they identify. These duties are a requirement of the Framework Directive. The EMF Directive was introduced to help employers to comply with their general duties under the Framework Directive for the specific case of EMF in the workplace. As employers will already be complying with the requirements of the Framework Directive, most will find that they already fully comply with the EMF Directive and have nothing more to do.

If any RF dielectric heating equipment is being used it is necessary to regularly verify that the intensity of the electric field generated is within the admissible level. The level of these electric fields can only be measured with suitable instruments, regularly calibrated.

Red8RF Engineers have the experience and suitable calibrated instruments to carry out a survey of EMF emissions and to advise customers of any actions that may be required to comply with the Directive.

The legal requirement is to verify workers’ exposure to electromagnetic fields, however the survey carried out by Red8RF also verifies if any RF leakage is present near the RF seals. Whilst this is NOT a requirement of this specific directive, uncontrolled RF leakage can cause interference to surrounding instrumentation, electrical control devices and raise potential interference to communication channels, with the risk of alerting the communication agency of an unauthorised RF signal being generated and propagated.

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