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Use of original high quality components for RF Machines

Why should we use expensive high quality components manufactured by well known companies?

In the fast developing part of the world, technology is acquired from Europe and the USA to manufacture items that are very good copies of the original parts developed and manufactured by the same company over many years.

It seems all very simple and logical but two vitally important parts of this process remain excluded:

  1. The historic knowledge of the product development (for example using a specific material because when it was tried with a different one 20 years ago, something else happened)
  2. The understanding of the importance of quality control and consistent manufacturing. (Just because something looks the part it does not mean it will work correctly).

What are the consequences of not using high quality original parts?

  1. Specifications which don’t match, drifting of parameter or tolerance
  2. Lack of manufacturing uniformity.

In a typical RF dielectric equipment, the generation of RF oscillations through a mechanical assembly and a triode valve (tube) does not require all individual parts to have precise values; variation of their specification, parameters or tolerance is rarely seen to affect the operation of the RF equipment.

Lack of manufacturing uniformity can pose a problem when replacing components in existing equipment, if the new units do not physically match the original ones.

Reliability is the big issue.  If RF dielectric equipment is part of a continuous production line, machine downtime carries a heavy financial cost.  Failure of components in critical sections of the circuit could lead to damage to other parts within the machine, resulting in further equipment breakdown even after the damaged items are replaced.  If a component of inferior quality is used which then fails prematurely, not only is there the cost of the unit itself but also that of locating the damaged element in the equipment, removing it, checking if the equivalent is in the stores and is available, before fitting the replacement.  The loss of production is likely to be a much greater cost.

An “equivalent” component may appear to be cheaper but is unlikely to cost less in the long run.

Based on our experience, we recommend using only high quality components.

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